James 1 Table Chair, or Derbyshire Chair.

Splendid iconic piece symbolising the early 17th Century, complete with the "Tulip" carved in both back rails. The Tulip was amazing when first arrived in Europe in about 1590, went on to become so desired that one bulb could buy you a house!! Eventually in 1637 there was a "tulip crash" {sound familier}, too many propagated,... This Chair i believe to be c1600-20 , weighs an inordinate amount, confirming its period, and i think also known as an Derbyshire Chair, as that was where the Oak came from. This Oak was slow grown, due to the colder climate of the Pennines, thus, more dense and heavy. Tall Oak trees were used for building Galleons, and it took 2000 Oak trees to build one ship!!

This chair has had restorations , but is just a fabulous example from 400 years ago, imagine how old the tree was that made it!!


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